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Groundswell is proud to have the support and partnership of American Jewish World Service (AJWS) for our work in Haiti.  Ruth Messinger, President and Executive Director of AJWS, praised Groundswell International’s work in a recent Huffington Post article, stating:

“I continue to be disheartened by descriptions of Haitian suffering and remain firmly convinced that the only way to sustainably advance the quality of life in Haiti is for U.S. policy makers and the Haitian government to work in partnership with local, grassroots Haitian organizations. Organizations like Groundswell International are working to strengthen local leadership and peasant organizations through a practical, “learning by doing” approach to address basic needs. Support is provided to community groups to identify priority issues, start small and experiment to find workable solutions. Groundswell is supporting nine community-based organizations, which are responding to the needs of rural communities who are absorbing a large influx of internally displaced, homeless earthquake victims and employing them to support food production capacity for the upcoming agricultural season.”

Read the article: Homeless Haitians: Out of the Papers but Still Our Responsibility.

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